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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Doors - Strange Days (1967) Orig. US Mono

CD Quality (16bit/44.1kHz)
High Resolution (24bit/96kHz)
pass: profstoned


  1. I Like This Album Alot. Thank You,

  2. You are my favorite needledropper since your first post on BZ forum.

    And I thought I am one of the few who are interested in your vinyl transfer and the fantastic info... what a (deserved) success in Hiresmusic blog !

    Thanks for this nice transfer, great sound

    Regards from a french in his mid-30's ^^

  3. fantastic, as always...
    lot of thanks!

  4. Thank you very much for the offering of mono Doors!

    Do you have the "Unknown Soldier" single? it is known to have a unique mix.

  5. Awesome, as always, thanks!

  6. Nice blog. Thanks for the high quality output!

  7. Anything new.....?

    1. Not to come off as a sycophant here, but:

      Look, the prof. goes at his own pace, and when he's ready with something, he'll post it. It's as simple as that.

      (That said, while I gladly await some more mono, I'm just dying for hints here.)


  8. This is just fucking amazing. You've been on FIRE in April, and then you come ahead and post this… I'm just at a loss for words here. I could die with joy right now, but I won't, because I'm still in the wants for mo' mono!

    Anyways, re: your notes, it's interesting that Hourse Latitudes is a fold, but yet it still segues so neatly into Moonlight Drive. Like you said, these must have been mixed at around the same sessions, so that makes me wonder why they just folded Track 5 when they assembled the album together.


  9. Really loved this mono version which I have never heard before. Not sure why they keep releasing box sets and remix versions of the album while the mono mix continues to sit in the vaults. Anyway, great job on the transfer, sounds incredible.

    Can't imagine how this could be topped except maybe with mono versions of White Light/White Heat or Kind of Blue -- neither of which has ever been re-released in mono as far as I know. In the case of Kind of Blue, you can't even get the original stereo version anymore as only a remix has been available since the late 1990s!

    -- Brian

  10. Many thanks, Prof--also, I always enjoy the commentary. I was happily going along thinking I wasn't missing anything, as I have the UK mono, an obvious folddown--so this is an exciting revelation. Wow, is that bass interesting on "Eyes", just for starters.

  11. Mono is awesome! This rip sounds amazing! It would be nice to see The Doors S/T mono on here someday since it is a official dedicated mono mix.

  12. That's what I get for relying on memory (on MONIOLOVER). I listened to your rip with your notes and pretty much agree with them. I think we all agree that some songs are dedicated and some are fold downs. The dispute is which ones. I agree that tracks 1,4,6,8 are definitely dedicated. In interviews I have read (again from memory) Bruce Botnick said they did tend to do the stereo and mono around the same time (identical reverb, compression, etc.), which makes it that much harder to tell. I remember him saying that at the time of mixing they would do dedicated mono mixes of potential singles, 'Unhappy Girl' and 'People Are Strange' for example. In your notes you say the rhythm guitar drops out during the guitar and piano solos on 'People Are Strange'. It may be wishful thinking on my part but I can still hear them. But that is what is fun about this. Everybody hears things differently. One thing for sure it is a lot easier to do the comparisons with digital files instead of switching between records like I did when I got into mono/stereo differences with the Beatles back in the day!-Mike

  13. Besides Unhappy Girl and People Are Strange the entire album is a fold down, I hear nothing "dedicated" here.

  14. album is a dedicated Mono - just been confirmed by Steve Hoffman. thanks Prof for the upload - much appreciated!- JB

  15. Whatever credibility Hoffman once had with me is long gone. I like the board, there are some real nice and knowledgeably people there. But the guy has been known for ages to tell bullshit stories in order to make himself look interesting.

    Consider this; the album was completed in March/May 1967 and released on 25/26 Sept. Botnick himself has implied that the mixing was done during and after the recording sessions. The delay was only due to the success of the first album.

    Now, Hoffman claims that the mono mix happened on Sept, 10 en the stereo mix on Sept, 17.

    How incredible!

    This means they had the album mastered, multiple cuttings made, then thousand of copies pressed and distributed in what...?! 8 freaking days?!! Strange days, indeed.

    I repeat; do NOT take anything Hoffman says for gospel, or at least take it with a spoon of salt.

  16. Dear Prof,

    Wonderful site, I am currently working on getting all you have to offer. I am a great fan of MONO and a great fan of the quality Needle-drop, you offer both. Thank You Very Much.

    Long Island Steve

  17. you seem pretty knowledgeable about these things so i thought i'd ask if you knew whether there was a mono version of the waiting for the sun album? if so, what is a genuine mono mix? by the way, thanks for this excellent strange days rip. sounds fantastic and makes a great comparison with the more well known stereo version.

  18. Thank you for this, it sounds brilliant.

  19. Only just listened to this properly, in the wake of the analogue re-issue. I'm gobsmaked by just how much better this sounds - not just than the latest fan-milking format, but better than any reissue, ever. I'm not a mono-maniac by any means, I appreciate a great stero mix, but this is THE reference standard for this album. Just comes pumping out of the speakers!

    I'd LOVE to hear the first album given the same treatment ...

  20. Prof, just to let you know that the links are down for both the 16/44 & 24/96. I'm pretty gutted that I missed out on this, but I'm still thrilled with everything you've given me in the past.
    Take care, best wishes - martwwa

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  22. Fantastic work, professor. Is there any chance of posting the debut in mono?

  23. Just checking in here (after so long once AGAIN, I know) to say that you've probably heard about the Strange Days 50th Anniversary by now. Just amazing that this is even MORE bare-bones than the recent reissue for the 1st album. For 2CDs the price isn't THAT bad at $20 USD, similar to what 2CD Legacy Editions go for, but those have MUCH more content to spread over 2CDs, while this could've easily all fit onto 1CD, being a 35-minute album.

    Never thought I'd be praising the 40th Anniversary Remix CD for something, but that at least had more to offer with bonus tracks (vs. none here).

    Part of me wants you to keep this up just to spite Jampol/Doors Corp., but hopefully they don't F up the mastering on the mono tracks here with a smashed sound or NR.


    BTW, good job on the recent uploads. Hopefully I can dive into more of the individual releases within the next few weeks or so.

  24. I haden't yet, Vic. Curious to see if they use that same version as on the RSD vinyl from a couple years ago (which does not fully correspond with the original).

  25. Immense thanks for this and everything, good sir!

  26. Great stuff as usual PS! Much thanks!

  27. Ugh. The music presented here is second to none. Just need a spare lifetime to truly listen to it all properly. Thanks Prof!

  28. I'd like to add myself to the list of grateful melomaniacs that have found either an amazing new path towards sensorial exploration or some momentary peace of mind within your laudable work of love, care and disinterested sharing of the wonderful material that we all have found in this little corner of the internet (specially during this horrible moments of pandemic pandemonium) If only the so-called "great music indistry" companies could have just an ounce of such devotion for all the material that, most of times, is hideusly mistreated, wrongly archived and even lost for the future generations to access...!

    Congratulations and infinite Kudos to you from a grateful listener! Keep it running! :)

  29. Thank you, Prof. Stoned (does that mean professionally stoned? :))
    Spent many hours at my surrogate sister's place listening to this during my teens.
    It was probably a stereo version, though!

  30. Thank you so much for this. Your work is greatly appreciated.

  31. you know the orig doors first album in mono is very expensive? , the new version is horrendous .
    if get a copy please rip it .
    thanks !!

  32. As always, thank you for your work! Stellar.