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Saturday, March 26, 2016

VA - Outsiders Or Insiders (1967) Dutch Garage Bands 1965-66

CD Quality (16bit/44.1kHz)
High Resolution (24bit/96kHz)
pass: profstoned


  1. :O


    P.S. May take me a while from now to DL/listen (due to a heavy school load), but I'll definitely put in my 2cent for all the songs when I finally get the chance...

  2. I'm curious about this one, thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks, great comp! FWIW, all tracks (except 07 & 08) have been reissued on vinyl in 2011 (remastered in 24 bit from master tapes), https://www.discogs.com/fr/Various-Muziek-Expres-Op-Art/release/3048990

  4. Anon (from FR?): I don't have that comp (maybe prof does) but I'd be surprised if they had tapes for many of these. The Outsiders trax must be needledrops for sure, since the same label Pseudonym used ND's for those tracks on the recent Thinking About Today comp (2013) and I know they first used those transfers on the Beat Legends (2010) book/CD. Besides which, even if true, that comp is still vinyl-only and not on CD.

    Pseudonym should still get credit for getting these back into general circulation, but their statement "remastered from matter tapes" is still fraudulent for the most part (they might've used tapes for the 2 Bintangs tracks mentioned already in the info file).

    Alright, after much ado, here's my writeup. I can't really go TOO much in-depth, but hopefully this'll be good enough.

    First, the Outsiders trax sound REALLY great here, probably the best I've heard. Definitely beats the TATC comp, and no unnecessary NR to be found here either! ;) While the CNR LP might sound a little dull when comparing the two, I'm pretty sure the high-end was jacked up quite a bit on TATC anyway.

    Also liking the 1st Cuby + Blizzards single! Interesting to hear them more "garage" here before they went the blues way. Sounds pretty clean here, too. Funnily enough, I actually thought these 2 tracks were on the Forgotten Tapes disc, but it turns out I confused those for something else.

    As far as Bintangs go, I swear I heard some pops/clicks at the end of "$ 60 Boss", but you said tapes still exist for the last 2 LP tracks, so maybe not that big a deal. (Incidentally, how did tapes even survive for those 2 anyway... did the band own them or something?) Disregarding SQ, thanks for also sharing the B-side to "Groovin'" ("Walkin' The Boogie"). Definitely not a track I would've known about had you not included it.

    The Peter & The Blizzards (sidenote: relation to Cuby + Blizzards, or just coincidence?) "Cold as Ice" 45 seems like one of those few that aren't as clean. I heard some nasty scuffs at the end of "Cold as Ice", and the single (and B-side "It Happens Every Day") in general also sounds a little distorted in contrast to the other tracks (and the other Peter & The Blizzards 45!), but maybe this was part of the original recording. I know this seems pointless to mention, especially when the 45 itself is probably very rare, but I thought it'd be good to point out.

    Alright, minor details aside, there's no point in looking a great gift horse in the mouth here. I got this just for better-sounding versions of the Outsiders tracks, and that's definitely here, but turns out the rest of this LP (and bonus tracks) is actually a pretty fascinating listen. I'm really digging the last Bintangs track "Splendid Sight", and the Zipps are pretty cool, too. With the bonus tracks, I've never heard of The Fun of It until now, but I think their 45, especially "Silly Baby", is very cool, and definitely a standout. Perhaps this was their only 45, but it's a great one. Even with the scuffs and somewhat-distorted sound, I really like Peter and the Blizzards' "Cold As Ice". Prof., you didn't have to include these extra 45s, but I'm glad you went the extra mile to browse your collection and rip them, for I wouldn't have come across these tracks otherwise.

    And for those who made it to the end... consider this collection a great INsight into the Dutch-specific genre known as Nederbeat! (A better name than Krautrock, that's fo' sure!)

  5. A few thoughts, Victor:

    - Pretty sure the official source of the Cuby tracks is a needledrop too. Note that I'm so restless has a short coda here that is missing on the CD's.

    - Cold as Ice is indeed the poorest quality source here. Walkin' the Boogie may sound pretty crummy too, but is actually far superior to what's on the Hunter Singles Collection 2CD (which is a rough sounding needledrop in stereo).

    - Fun of it all made a few more singles. I auditioned the 2nd single on CNR too, but discarded it for being a watered-down poptune.

    - Splendid Night and $60 Boss sound far superior on the aforementioned 2CD. I cannot imagine these being from vinyl. I have no proof for this though.

    P.S.: Make sure to check this out sometime: https://www.discogs.com/The-Zipps-Be-Stoned-Dig-Zipps/release/2930058

  6. Wow. This is great. Thanks for this and all the other releases.

  7. "Note that I'm so restless has a short coda here that is missing on the CD's."

    Finding about this sort of stuff makes me glad I got the LP :) My guess is someone cut it thinking it was extraneous (probably also why the Outsiders "Felt Like I Wanted To Cry" lacked the first 8 notes on CD until Beat Legends/TATC came about).

    I tried looking for that Bintangs Groovin/Boogie single right now, but it seems pretty rare. Couldn't even find a listing. Even for "Cold As Ice" I was able to find 1 listing (albeit only VG+).

    I'll definitely check out that Zipps comp when I've got time, though I am a little amused they're the ones who made that "Marie Juana" song on that Pseudonym comp I found a while back, the one with Tax Free's "Husband And A Kid". I'll also check out that Hunter 2CD just for $60 Boss and Splendid Sight. BTW, speaking of the Hunter CDs, is the one for Q65 any good?

    Call me nuts, but I'm a little curious about that 2nd Fun of It single. If you were to compare it to another watered-down pop song released by a 60's UK/US band, what song would it be like?

  8. Thanks for uploading this album of Dutch garage bands and along with all the rare mono mixes which are really hard to find in decent condition.

  9. Just wandered in from the web and bookmarked your blog quickly.
    Nice place you got here.
    Thank you so much.

  10. Many thanks Prof, this is a great comp!