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My aim is to make rare stuff (in glorious mono or sometimes stereo) publicly available again with the best possible sound quality.

Generally, no. I select my projects very critically. Vinyl condition is everything. I tend not to work with records that are in less than pristine condition.

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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Cream - BBC Sessions 1966-1968 {Remastered & Complete} [A Prof. Stoned Comp] UPDATE 1-8-2021


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wm said...

thank you prof stoned. it is great to be reminded of this vital music

A Local Bloke said...

Wow, this sounds fantastic, thank you so much! You mentioned a JWB comp. Does he have a blog like you? Where can I find his works?

anchovyarchives said...

Lovely to have these in as best quality as possible Prof ...... great work as always !

warpig said...

Thanks very much!! Its great to hear these in such great quality.

nameeman said...

OMG Thank you!

Allman Fan said...

Cream, Led Zep and Jimi. This is fantastic. Thank you so much.

ottoman79 said...

Thank you very much! All your BBC efforts thus far have exceeded expectations.

Prof. Stoned said...

Already updated just now.

v1.0: 01-08-2021
v1.1: 01-08-2021 (sessions 1966-12-21 & 1967-11-26 added)

Fantastic version of We're Going Wrong added and a few rare lofi bits. Thanks to Eugene.

Prof. Stoned said...

> You mentioned a JWB comp. Does he have a blog like you? Where can I find his works?

JWB does not have a blog, despite my repeated urging. But he uploads his stuff here:


Leonid said...
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Leonid said...

Thank you very much for your efforts!
Hopefully the very first BBC session "Band Beat" surfaces one day

jimmie d said...
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Pete said...

Thank you. Great!

jimmie d said...
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Prof. Stoned said...

Cheers Jimmie

Tadeo said...

Thank you very much for sharing your hard work!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. All these BBC recordings offer another version of Cream as a unit instead of three individuals. Thank you.

dr blues

jimmie d said...


Thanks, again, Professor.

Prof. Stoned has ordered his playlist by sound quality (best to worst) for each session.

For those interested in a chronological playlist:

01) 'the new fave rave trio'
02) Sweet Wine
03) 'Eric Clapton interview'
04) Wrapping Paper
08) Rollin' And Tumblin' (incomplete)
10) Rollin' And Tumblin' (complete but poor sound)
07) Sleepy Time Time
05) 'We're into our finale'
06) Steppin' Out
09) I'm So Glad

01) Crossroads
02) Steppin' Out

01) I Feel Free

01) 'Tops with British blues fans'
02) Cat's Squirrel
03) 'More music the TOTP way'
04) Traintime
07) I'm So Glad
05) 'Last one comin' up'
06) Hey Lawdy Mama

01) 'Eric Clapton interview'
02) I Feel Free
04) N.S.U.
03) Four Until Late
06) Traintime
05) Toad

01) Take It Back

01) 'Groovy tuned-in turned-on'
02) Strange Brew
03) 'Eric Clapton interview' 1
04) Tales Of Brave Ulysses
05) We're Going Wrong

01) Strange Brew
02) 'Eric Clapton interview'

01) Tales of Brave Ulysses

01) 'Eric Clapton interview' 1
02) Born Under A Bad Sign
04) Outside Woman
03) Take It Back
05) Sunshine Of Your Love (incomplete)

02) N.S.U. (incomplete)
01) We're Going Wrong (incomplete)
03) We're Going Wrong (poor)

01) Politician
02) 'Sock it to em Harry'
08) SWLABR (alt take)
04) 'Fantastic wailing blues'
05) Steppin' Out
07) We're Going Wrong
06) Blue Condition

JWB said...

Thanks Eugene, wherever you are!

Laservampire said...

Cheers for the shout-out Prof! Looking forward to giving your version of the Cream sessions a spin :)

EasilyConfused said...

The material you put out is of great historical importance. Much appreciated.

Moggio said...

Just wow and huge thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey JWB, nice to hear from you! I'm still at the usual place. Get Back!


Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for this treasure !

Dick said...

Thanks so much!

tom said...

TY again for another great post-great work as always.Jack Bruce vocals are so clear.

Noises From Apt 2A said...

Well Professor .... What can I say ?!
Once again you managed to shine what was once a turd into a Diamond !..Cheers .

Anonymous said...

It always makes my day to see a new upload from you, Professor! Thanks as always. Looking forward to this.

- Joaquin

Dondy said...

Wow! Thanks also from my end to you Proffo for all your labour of love! Great work, MUCH appreciated! Gotta compare with my hitherto compiling efforts. :-)
Cream ahoy!

Kees1954 said...

Dear Professor,
I'm floored again. As usual the sound is fantastic. I really like the flow with the sound quality order. I shall come back many times to this compilation.
Thank your very very much.

Prof. Stoned said...

Thank you for commenting!

Anonymous said...

Big thanks for this labour of love! Yours Causinger

mark said...

Thank You!

Phillipdejohn said...

Thanks so much for the time and energy you put into your efforts! I really enjoy them!

Phillipdejohn said...

Thanks so much for the time and energy you put into your efforts! I really enjoy them!

Silvio said...

Really appreciated, thank you, Professor.

Anonymous said...

Much appreciated, as always, Prof.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Prof!!

Jon H. said...

Prof. - STELLAR work here, as always! Best I've ever heard this material, and yet there is some material I've never heard as well!
Your remastering is a wonderful alternative to the overly-noise reduction travesty that could have been/should have been mastered with more care.
Thank you so very much, sir!

db said...


james bond said...

Hi Prof. It took some time to extract all the folders and convert to mp3 but worth it. Thanks!

Old_fat_bloke said...

Thank you mate! Great to see you back. I will challenge you to do a comprehensive Pink Floyd BBC sessions, That would be a huge task.

Mike said...

Thanks so much. Big improvement over the version I had. Great work.

Unknown said...

Thank you!

Régis said...

Once again, great work!
Thank you VERY much.

JWB said...

Pink Floyd wouldn't be worth doing (yet) because there are perfect pre-fm's of the Syd sessions in private hands that haven't yet surfaced. So it would just be more of the same.

lemonflag said...

Late to the party but many thanks.

rowland said...

Fantastic. Thank you.

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