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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Simon & Garfunkel - Bookends (1968) Orig. US Mono















CD Quality 16/44.1
Hi-Rez 24/96
Pass: profstoned


  1. Nice to see you with a new blog Prof. I've collected a few of your vinyl rips and find them to be very nicely done indeed. I look forward to checking out this mono S&G, as well as future offerings.
    One question, what format are your hi-rez offerings? I've had trouble with 'wavepack' in the past, so for now I'm sticking with the 'Redbook' compliant downloads.
    Thanks again.

  2. Sorry to use up your comment space, but I am listening to this now and I can't believe just how gorgeous this rip is.
    To hear those cymbals and all their full frequency power with zero sibilance at the end of 'America' is just incredible.
    You've brought full dimension to this rip Prof, and I tip my hat to your technical prowess.
    I also offer my gratitude and many many thanks!

  3. Nice blog professor, good to see you again! I've always enjoyed your work in the past, so I know this will be great.

    Thank you!

  4. thank you Prof!

    and thanks for giving me link for this wonderful site :)


  5. Thanks PS! Just found the blog and dropped by to wish you good luck with the project. Your efforts are much appreciated!

  6. wonderful rip...love the little extras (art covers & songs) as well.
    reminds me of how you handled those early Stones albums


  7. Thanks Prof, beautiful rip, appreciating these mono rips !!!

  8. Thanks Prof. Glad to see you now have a blog (it's so easy to know about blog updates with Google Reader).

  9. This rip has been replaced by a fixed version as of April 1, 2011.
    There's one thing that slipped through quality control: the moog in 'Save the life of my child'. Its transients were damaged by click repair.
    Sorry, but I think it is important to fix this now, rather than later.
    If you use demonoid, you'll only have to delete track 2 and assign the torrent to the folder. All the rest is exactly the same. If you download from the blog, you'll have to do it all over again. Sorry...

  10. I have the Hi-Rez 24/96 and I am not noticing a problem. Is it my ear or on the other version?

    This is a fine transfer of one of my all time favorite albums; I am looking forward to your future work.

    Thank You. Ohnothimagen

  11. Prof, quick question, what are the matrix numbers on your version? Are they hand-written or are they machine-stamped? (I'm also wondering if there's any sound differences between hand-written and machine-stamped, in general. If so, what are the differences?)



  12. Hand written, I believe all US mono copies are.
    Hand written means cut in Hollywood. The general rule seems to be when copies with stamped and hand-written matrices both exist, the latter always sound significantly better.

  13. Thank you very much for this, one of my favorite albums from the late Sixties. I've been hoping to find a good mono of track 13, so this makes this even more worth it for me. thanks again!

  14. lot of thanks!
    anyway to see it promoted or to get and to hear isn't the same.
    unfortunately, fileserve supports file sharing no more.
    may i hope to find these treasures mirrored elsewhere?
    the best possible candidates for mirrorong are^
    - lightning-fast multi-thread peeje.com;
    - fast and stable multi-thread mediafire;
    - the old but not very good RS (since it allows to d/l for non-premium @ 30 kbps only).

    thanks in advance.

  15. Prof, these S&G monos have been a real gift, thank you!(can't wait for the singles from Bridge). I do have a question about "You Don't Know.." 45--I heard a podcast recently featuring it (yes, the mono single) and it was a step higher in pitch (and much more trebley). Any comment?

  16. Holy moly, another treasure of a trip, and rip!

    You spoil us, you really do...and please keep them coming :-)

    I'm running out of adjectives for your art/work...but I'll try my best. Superlative!

    All the best,


  17. Really looking forward to seeing here their Complete Singles in Mono. This would be great!

  18. Thank you sir! used to have this piece of vinyl.

  19. Anonymous 23 here : PhilFree.
    Another amazing copy! Thanks for your ongoing efforts to find, restore and preserve these gems for coming generations (and ours)!

  20. This is the album and mix that led me to your site. The mix was suggested by a friend in the reissue record biz with very good ears, as one of his top three 60s mono mixes (along with Pepper and Piper). It's certainly made me fall in love with this fine album all over again. Thank you for your hard work on this and everything else!

  21. Thank you for this! Much appreciated. :)

  22. Another great mono album! Thanks

  23. Dear Prof,
    First, thank you for your time & effort in creating this lovely sounding mono Bookends. Brilliant.
    So, I usually always start with your interesting Info.txt enclosed with each rip. This one mentions a loudly cut 45 bonus track 13 which is now absent. Am I right to guess that the unnamed S&G track 13 has migrated to your S&G singles package? And was the bonus track (or tracks) pertinent to Bookends? From the album sessions maybe?
    Cheers Prof ;)

  24. I moved them (Hazy Shade & Interest) to the Singes Collection, yes.

  25. Fantastic work! Thanks so much.

  26. Thankk you for this interesting album in MONO!

  27. Your service -- which this truly is -- is sincerely appreciated. These mono mixes are historic. I came here for Bookends and ended up with all the S&G albums you have made available (and a little Byrds, too).

  28. Wow! I just stumbled across your site and am amazed! I'm listening to the mono copy of Bookends right now. It sounds fantastic!!
    Thanks, Prof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. thank you for uploading this. I have a copy of this myself but nowhere near this condition.

  30. Smiling looking at the albums you worked on. '48 here, with friends, we passionately followed this golden era, personally '66-'72, and bought roughly 80% the albums on your site. Thanks, for sharing your passion.

  31. Thank you very much!

  32. And here is there other masterpiece in glorious mono. It's like Christmas. Thank you.

  33. Really appreciate the time & effort on you part. Been looking for a mon Bookends for a long time. Can't wait to give it a listen - thanks!

  34. This makes me very happy. The name is Elzoomo, Lenny Elzoomo.

  35. I love what you do. Thanks!