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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Moby Grape - S/T (1967) Orig. US Mono + 4 Bonus

CD Quality (16/44.1)
High Resolution (24/96)
pass: profstoned


Anonymous said...

More?!?! Yes!!!

Prof. Stoned said...

Yes, there will be more the following weeks.

DanP said...

Definitive Grape! Cool!

john said...

Been listening to this album since 1967, will love it in 2067. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

just listened to the mono Wow single. wow. thanks for this 'new' material! i was really impressed to read about the vinyl sources used for the sundazed issues. sure enough i compared the single "can't be so bad" with the album version on the sundazed wow disc and at 3:07 it changes to a vinyl source for the fade out (pop in right channel at 3:13)! why?? i do like how the sundazed masters because they sound so much the old soft sounding columbia vinyls. on the other hand the Vintage cd set put together by David Rubinson i think is better sounding overall (and no crossfades on the '69 tracks). "can't be so bad" does not go to vinyl for the fadeout on vintage, so is there a reason for these vinyl source patches on the sundazed tracks? or am i imagining something? anyway, thanks so much once again, prof!--mypuddingbobby

Prof. Stoned said...

Vintage was also put together by Bob Irwin. Never noticed the patch on Can't be so bad, but then I have hardly played the Sundazed Wow since I also own a stone mint orig Colombia (which I obviously prefer).

Anonymous said...

granted. the cd at least saves the trouble of getting up to change the speed to play through side 1! (and remembering to change it back for side 2). ;)

where are the patches on the 1st album?

Mr. Banstead said...

Thank you very much,Professor!I never listened to Moby Grape's stuff.This is an excellent way to begin.

Prof. Stoned said...

My TT doesn't have 78rpm, unfortunately.

At the end of Changes and Indifference.

Anonymous said...

yes--now that you point it out, the multiple sources for these tracks are obvious. and super weird too!

do you think the album masters are a generation higher than the untrimmed/unfaded versions with clearer highs on the Vintage set?

how do you rate the edsel mono for the first album?

there is a UK mono Wow on ebay as of now. is it safe to assume this is a fold-down mix?

Anonymous said...

If we're going on the subject of Grape in mono, then I want to know if the US mono white label promos of Wow/Grape Jam are fold-downs or not. There's a few posts on SH.TV that say that Can't Be So Bad and Bitter Wind have the backing vocals playing and not canceling out, so apparently the LP has to be a dedicated mix. I'm quite curious but uncertain on this.

Oh, and you're instincts for those UK CBS monos are correct. Most of the '68 ones (especially the US based titles) are fold-downs. S&G's Bookends comes to mind.


Prof. Stoned said...

Don't forget, Vintage and Sundazed S/T CD is all stereo. The mono was only on Sundazed vinyl.

UK mono Wow is a fold, so are the US WLP's, but probably with some CSG trickery to not have the backvocals on some tracks disappear completely.
I'm sure the 45's mixes here are dedicated mixes though.

Anonymous said...

Ouch. :( There goes my dream of getting a WLP mono promo! Would this apply to other WLPs around this time, too? Maybe that's why peter on SH.TV thinks those US WLP's sound good, specifically Laura Nyro's Eli and the 13th Confession, because they're not real folddowns (did I just say that?) but done CSG style, so they don't SOUND like folds.

But man, even as a dedicated mix, those backing voices on the 45's sure sound weird. Like hearing them from the other side of the phone line at the end of a Columbia echo chamber.


Prof. Stoned said...

See this UK mono copy of WOW!: http://www.discs2go-go.com/ebay/021011/img_7693.jpg

It has the US stereo catalogue number on the label: CS 9613 and the UK mono matrix (63271, UK stereo copies had an S before the same five digits). This means it was sourced from the US stereo mastertape. True US mono mixes on Columbia/CBS from this era are marked with the CL xxxx catalogue number.

The very same thing goes for US mono WLP's on Columbia that do not exist as mono stock copies. The WLP of WOW! has the CS prefix on the label as well and Laura Nyro's Eli does in fact too, so this proves these are not dedicated mono mixes. As with the UK ones, these pressings were given a mono matrix number with pre-fix XLM but the catalogue number is the give-away.

AFAIK, these mono-only-promo LP's were produced only to make sure the stereo mix was properly folded for radio broadcasting, nothing else. Well, except for Macca's Ram, but that had to do with technical difficulties and -of course- Paul was not tied to a budget like most every other artist at the time.

Anyway, time to get off the talking chair...

SlipperyBob said...

Finally getting around to getting the hi-rez version of this. Many thank for the post and all the great information Professor!

GW said...


JohnM said...


Anonymous said...

Glorious - thank you so very much!

Dick said...

Thanks! This wonderful.

antony harrington said...

Thank you.

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