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Monday, August 4, 2014

Buffalo Springfield - Baby, Don't Scold Me (1966) Orig. USA Stereo

CD Quality (16bit/44.1kHz)
High Resolution (24bit/96kHz)
pass: profstoned


  1. Thanks for sharing this. prof. Sharing rarities like these is what you excel at.

    I'll admit, this isn't my most favorite period of Buffalo Springfield, I think their first album suffers too much from over-"twanginess" if you will (seriously, those two bookends to the album are just awful!).

    I think the moment they released "For What It's Worth" was when they started getting really good, IMO. It's no wonder they chose to affix that song to the first, it's just that good. But I'm confused as to why they chose to drop this song! It's a little cheesy with that Day Tripper rip in the middle, but that's only momentary, and otherwise this song is actually not bad. Certainly better than "Go and Say Goodbye" or "Pay The Price"!

    It's even more confusing that they still haven't rereleased the stereo mix of this song. Have they lost the master tape? Or maybe simply forgotten it exists? Very strange, indeed, but I'm glad you've decided to continue your "Cleans House" series and release this for preservation! I'm not sure if there's more in that house to come, but given how you've hit a home run tonight with your string of releases, I think you deserve a very well-deserved rest, man. :)


  2. Thank you! Interesting to hear the "Day Tripper" riff in there! No problems with the sound quality either (despite your description!)...

  3. "the afforementioned CD sounds far superior. It was meticulously remastered by Neil Young's Archives crew from the true original master tapes."

    Man I wish Neil Young was in the Beatles so that his Archives team could have remastered them...



  4. Great. I've had a serviceable dub for years, but this is definitely superior.

    Baffling that the twofer didn't include this and the mono mix of For What It's Worth. The latter of course found release on the box.

    I've done a pretty pristine transfer of the long Bluebird if you're interested (and haven't done one yourself).

  5. Thanks, I have a clean copy of the 2LP w/ long Bluebird.

  6. Any chance a great rip of the long Bluebird could ever be released by you pls?

  7. If the prof doesn't have one, let me know, as I've done one.

  8. I believe Neil Young did not like the stereo mix of this track. Their mono versions sound better anyway.

  9. I’ve never seen anyone from the band comment on this mix specifically. Stills and Young have stated a dislike of the stereo mix of the album in general.

    Baby Don’t Scold Me is a good sounding stereo mix, one of the better ones on the album.

  10. The whole stereo album is not really as bad as Stills/Young have made it out to be.

  11. I like the first album cause it sounds a little amateurish and off the street. Neil's songs were beautiful.


  12. Thank you so much! Your rips are really good, I can't download this Buffalo, patience. I have a blog too and I would like your opinion on: http://bordeldorock.blogspot.com/2018/12/13th-floor-elevators-psychedelic-sounds.html - thanks

  13. Thank you so much, Prof! This fills a pretty significant hole in my BS collection!